10 Glaring Signs To Know You Have A Low Maintenance Friendship

10 Glaring Signs To Know You Have A Low Maintenance Friendship
10 Glaring Signs To Know You Have A Low Maintenance Friendship/Photo Credit: newlovewallpapers
A low maintenance friendship is one that is bathed in comfort and knowledge of the other person and who they are and what they mean to you without having drama tossed in the middle of the friendship. You don’t offend each other if you don’t see or talk to the other person in a certain length of time.[ David’s Body Temple].

Good friendship has to be jealously guided and not to be allowed to slip off because it is hard to find. Though there are some friendships you’ll regret having and won’t hesitate to disconnect from. One important thing to note during friendship of any sort is that it can stand the taste of tome depending the way it is being handled.

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10 obvious signs that you have a low maintenance friendship

Not seeing each other often: This happens when you don’t see each other frequently, but in number of months. Eventually if you later get together, it will be like, there was never a gap and everything will still remain the same.

Encouragement : One may ask how they do it? This means how they spend their time is tied to their like passion and also the hobby they love. Equally, they aren’t always on their wavelength but glad that he/she found someone who has similar likes.

Glad about each other’s successes: When anyone of them happens to get what to be rejoiced for like  a qualification, a promotion, engaged, married and  fall pregnant, they rejoice alongside, and not get jealous that you are moving at different paces in life and vice versa.

Always there for each other: As you join and rejoice in good times so you will be by him/her side in bad, like; A break up, loss of job, a death.

Not quick in responding to text messages : When one text the other it go for days before reply, they understand each other to know that it’s not going to cause any offence. This is because one knows how so bad the other is at replying texts, therefore it becomes a running joke.

 Easily understands the message: When discussing your partner by giving the lowdown of reasons of the tick-off- there’s this understanding without question and she/he shares their own version of similar events.

  Discussing freely: [Pooping, periods, sex, farting] literally anything and no one is passing any judgments. Recognizing the fact that, it’s all part of being human and carry on as if you have been discussing the weather. It can happen to anyone.

keeping sealed lips:  For instance when you do get together, is it eating loads, having excess drink or stopping in with your pjs on, there are sealed lips and an unspoken pact not to tell anyone else about your secret indulgences.

Hanging out together: Though the time goes by at lightening pace because you have so much catching up and fun to do but you always make the most of your moments together, making it enjoyable.

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Texting each other after a good time: Both of you express how much of a good time you’ve had and make an non-committal comment about meeting up again soon. Having in mind that it’ll be a while before the next reunion. It is somehow difficult because part of you wants to leave it a few weeks before you reconvene so you have masses to talk about, which keep the life going.


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