Men: Follow These Steps To Help You Overcome Agonizing and Lonely Old Age

Men: Follow These Steps And Overcome Agonizing and Lonely Old Age
Men: Follow These Steps And Overcome Agonizing and Lonely Old Age/ Photo Credit: thefrontporch
Men have unfavorable experience during their old age which women have an edge over them and also enjoy the most. Men have to recognize this and adequately plan ahead of time.

Men suffer a lot and fend for the family, work, labour, sweat although for their wives and children. Except in a situation where the man is out of job.

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They deny themselves, get loans, wear used clothes, etc, just for them to train their children also see them through high schools, universities, etc because they believe that the only gift they can give them is quality education but unfortunately, after they are grown to help them [parents] in their old age, in return, the glory goes to their mothers alone as they shift all the attention to her making their father become dispensable.

What their mothers often time says is that; “Your father was only interested in alcohol and women while I suffered to pay your fees!”

“If it wasn’t for me, you wouldn’t have gone to school”.

“I sold all my gold, trinkets, and wrappers to see you through education school.”

“Don’t mind him he was only interested in alcohol and women, while I suffered to pay your fees!”

By the time the children are grown and starts working, their father must have retired. This time, the woman takes the substantial amount of money which her children gives her behind while the meager amount that goes to their dad will be seen by the wife.

The woman enjoy the benefits as she goes to “omugwo’’ either abroad or within. As the man sits back and eat snacks because no one is around to cook for him, so it continues till she returns this time looking healthier.

Old age could be very lonely and painful for men, more especially for those that did not have a post preparation for that. This is why they become a liability to their children. It affects the most when you don’t have money enough to sustain you.

But for you to live comfortable and happy old age, follow these steps:

  • While working, build businesses, if possible properties, to fall back at
  • Build amenities that will make you comfortable, also learn skill
  • Build friendship with important personalities and also solid support that can assist you in times of need even till your old age.
  • Start early to make yourself relevant in your place of worship [Church or Mosque] so you will be considered in your old age.

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Note: Bear this in mind that old age could be lonely, painful and worst when the money is not there. These can lead to quick death! But you can avoid all these and enjoy your old age by taking  good care of yourself;  you can even travel to places  with your wife without eating for your children to do so.

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