Chike and the River – A Book Authored by Chinua Achebe

Chike and the River is a children’s story written by Chinua Achebe.
chike and the river
It is a story of Chike, a village Nigeria boy who leaves his village Umuofia to go and stay with his uncle in the city. The eleven year old, has been longing to cross the River Niger to the beautiful city of Asaba in Nigeria. But he does not have the money he needs to pay for his trip.

With the help of his friend he embarked on the series of adventure to help him go to the city. Along his way he is exposed to new things that is both thrilling and terrifying.
Finally Chike makes it across the river and realizes that life in the city is far different from what he expected. But he must find the courage within himself to make it back home.

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