Actress Angela Okorie Bids Goodbye To Long Hair

Angela Okorie is convincing us that 2018 is best lived in short haircut/Photo Credit; FASHION POLICENg
Nigerian Actress, Angela Okorie has completely resorted to having a skin cut in order to wear a new look in 2018. She has finally bid goodbye to her long hair and who can deny how dope she now looks?

Many people have lots of resolution this new-year, ranging from; talking less to working harder, shedding weight, growing natural hair, etc. For Angela Okorie,  hers is to scrap her hair and wear a natural look.

Angela Okorie in her long hair/photo Credit:
Angela Okorie/Photo Credit: FASHION POLICENg

As a movie actress, one may be wondering if she was paid to do so. Not in this case!

Look what she said to her fans over her new look on her Instagram page! ‘’Basically, it’s one of the best ways to kick start a new year when it comes to beauty. “AM SOOOO DOPE AND I KNOW IT”.

Okorie’s new look is really dope, sharp, and healthy. She looks real good with a complete facial difference.

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Short hair is stylish and beautiful. For some ladies, it makes them look more beautiful and younger, for others, it helps define their facial features which for them is a mark of beauty.

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However, Angela’s new look says it all: Beauty is not limited to hair braiding and wearing hair extension. Looking good is everyone’s business especially ladies. Don’t be afraid to try something new, who knows, you might just discover your hidden spot!

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