Uyai- Akwa Ibom State Traditional marriage and their ladies Uniqueness

Uyai, an Oron brIde Uyai
Uyai, an Oron bride

Akwa Ibom State traditional marriage is always something of interest. Check out  Uyai and the way the beads are being decorated on her. Their fascinating way of dressing in gold will leave you amazed. Their pattern is beautiful and cannot be compared. It is an embodiment of culture.

They people are also, unique in several ways, everything about them have got styles. Be it traditionally, their varieties of delicious meals, their hospitality, neatness, humility and what have you. They are also hardworking people and always identify with themselves wheresoever they meet.

This is Uyai

This is Uyai, an Oron bride, beautifully dressed in beads and gold. It is her D-Day and she has to look special for her groom. With her spiralled hair well packed sideways. Making look so beautiful as new bride set to go into her home. It is of a truth, a joyous day for her.

Uyai, Oron bride Uyai
Uyai, Oron bride dressed in gold and spiral hair

About Akwa Ibom ladies: It is usually said that their ladies use diabolic means to get hold of a man. Which has been disputed by many because, there is no atom of truth in it. It is just that their ladies’ are too kind and as a result of that they know how to take care of their man. They don’t stress their man instead, they pamper them. One unique thing about them is that, they are good cooks and if their man are not buoyant enough in terms of money, they will make him comfortable. Unlike other ladies that will leave their man in the middle of hard times and move on with other men.

I rememberd once my lecturer told me a story on how an Akwa Ibom woman almost captured his mind if not that he’s married, nothing on earth would have made him not to go for that woman. He went ahead to tell me how the woman normally massage his feet, each time he’s back from school, after which, she will ask him to go  have his birth, which on getting to the bathroom, there is already hot and cold water. Meanwhile, his food is already set. He said it was then he realise that they are using no charm; rather, the charm is that, they know how to take care of a man.

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