7.4million Australians suffer from lack of sleep – Dorothy Bruck

Lack of sleep in Australia

A report has confirmed that about 7.4million Australians were not getting enough sleep and the horrible circumstance had caused the Country to be spending $52.48bn yearly.

It was gathered also that almost 400 Australians die every year, since they couldn’t get enough sleep after doing had jobs such as operating heavy machines.

According to Dorothy Bruck, head of the Sleep Health Foundation; “Sleep or rather the lack of it is a substantial burden on our economy and the livelihood of Australians, dampening mood, exacerbating health problems, dulling our productivity and making us a danger on the roads and in workplaces around the country.”

Professor Bruck disclosed that about 7.4million Australians suffer from lack of sleep. Adding that not sleeping enough can contribute to heart disease, stroke, and diabetes.

Bruck said: “The cost of sleep deprivation is utterly alarming and confirms we need to take urgent action to put sleep on the national agenda.”

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