Benefits For Winning ‘Miss Surge Zirc’ 2018 Beauty Contest

Benefits For Winning ‘Miss Surge Zirc’ 2018 Beauty Contest - Surge Zirc
Grand prize for Miss Surge Zirc 2018/Photo credit: Surge Zirc

Unlike other beauty pageantry contest show ‘Miss Surge Zirc’ is a prestigious crown that affords the winner unusual opportunities.

The winner is therefore expected to be sound, beautiful, intelligent and a bright queen.

Ideally, the winner should have a talent that will help her sustain her stardom after her 1-year reign as Miss Surge Zirc, same talent she will promote in partnership with Surge Zirc during her reign.

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Let’s outline some of the benefits of winning ‘Miss Surge Zirc’ crown.

  • The winner becomes ‘Miss Surge Zirc’ 2018 Beauty queen.
  • The winner automatically becomes Surge Zirc Cooperate brand ambassador.
  • The winner automatically wins a 1-year 6months movie acting contract with Surjik Films Production.
  • The winner gets a ‘Beauty Queen Merit Award’ from Surge Zirc media brand and partners.
  • The winner carries out pet project at rural communities for Surge Zirc in line with the company’s social community project policy.

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  • The winner signs a 1-year blog/publicity contract with Surge Zirc – This means that her activities for a period of 1-year will be in the news.
  • The winner becomes Surge Zirc celebrity of the day on Surge Zirc Home page for a period of three months.
  • Automatic invitation to exalted table of influence, all Surge Ziirc corporate events e.g. Dinner, Picnic, Get-together and parties.

We are rest assured that the benefit as outlined above will transform the winner of the crown from just a beauty pageantry contestant to a notable celebrity before the end of 1-year of great relevance.

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