Between Alex Ekubo And IK Ogbonna Who Features More On Movies?

Between Alex Ekubo And IK Ogbonna Who Features More On Movies? -
Nollywood Actors Ik Ogbonna and Alex Ekubo

‘Alex Ekubo’ and ‘IK Ogbonna’ are both Award winning Nollywood actors who have recently bagged home ‘Game Changer Award‘ from stakerrsfest as published earlier by Surge.

Both actors are pretty much Handsome and very much on-top of their games. They’ve both featured on a good number of movies yet.

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An Instagram User once commented under a photo of Ik and Alex together; ”The two of you are not suppose to be friends, considering your extent of good look. I wonder what you want girls to do when they run into the two of you together. Anyway i pray you never get to meet my girlfriend.” the User said.

So it’s obvious both Alex and IK are friends and shares things in common and it’s almost difficult finding out who does better.

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So let’s find out..Between Alex Ekubo and IK Ogbonna, who appears in movies more?

Drop your comment under this post and mention the movies they’ve acted if you can.

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