Blogger Linda Ikeji Meets Dele Momodu In Atlanta


Blogger Linda Ikeji Meets Dele Momodu In Atlanta Surge Zirc

    Linda Ikeji and Dele Momodu/photo credit: Instagram

Made in Gidi reality show inventor Linda Ikeji relates her encounter with the prestigious Ovation Magazine and it’s principal promoter Dele Momodu, as she honors Dele’s invitation in Atlanta.

Enjoy read:

officiallindaikeji ” In 2002, when I was still modelling, my photos from a show appeared in Ovation Magazine. A friend alerted me to it and I remember shrieking with joy when I saw the mag and saw about 3 of my photos in there. As expensive as the mag was, I bought about 5 and distributed to family and friends.. Lol. For those who don’t know, being in Ovation magazine back in the day was like winning a trophy; almost like you’ve finally arrived… Lol. It was a freaking big deal.

“So I was in awe of the man behind the magazine. He was phenomenal to me. Because I’ve always wanted to be in the media space, Dele Momodu was one of the people I greatly admired, look up to and hoped that one day, would meet.

“Fast forward to 16 years later (we’ve met before though) and he’s hosting me to dinner in Atlanta and I saw for the first time how he really regarded me. He was in awe of me like I used to be of him (still am). It was the way he introduced me to others, the things he said. Africa’s biggest blogger he said amongst other things and somewhere he threw in the word billionaire… Lol.

“Here’s the point of this post. For every young girl out there with a dream, keep fighting for that dream because here’s one thing that’s guaranteed to happen one day amongst many other things. The people you admire, the people you look up to, will start to admire you.

“Your talent/achievement will place you before kings and these kings will be in awe of you. They will sing your praises and be honoured to be in your presence. You will no longer seek people out, they will seek you out.

“Keep working, keep believing, keep fighting, keep praying. You’re powerful beyond measures and there’s absolutely nothing you can’t achieve. It may be slow but eventually God will bless the works of your hands and place you before great men and women who will be scrambling to take pics with you…lol. I wish you well. Hugs!”

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