Boom! Grimandi Blasts Thierry Henry and Martin Keown Over Boss Wenger

Boss Wenger and former Arsenal Stars/
In recent times, fans, supporters and most especially former players of Arsenal like Thierry Henry and Martin Keown  have come all out and have been raining criticisms, undue biases that are often characterized with mockery at the club’s boss Arsene Wenger and it really has not been nice. Gilles Grimandi considers this unacceptable and improper and has come out to defend Wenger on the grounds that the criticisms have become excessive.

He didn’t dispute the fact that the club has not been on their best performance but vehemently insists that the manager cannot be entirely blamed for the recent defeats the club has faced in their last four consecutive matches.

He is unimpressed and uncomfortable with the pressure Wenger is facing from fans, supporters, and even the former Arsenal players that have been bashing him endlessly. He is even more concerned with the threat his job is facing now should Arsenal not win the Europa League this season.

Here are a few things he said to L’Equipe.

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“What’s happening right now is tough, it’s hard to take for those of us at the club,”

“There were mistakes made this season but people mustn’t target Arsene, especially as the situation is difficult, not dramatic.

“Yes we’re sixth in the league, but we’re still in the hunt for the Europa League. And between winning that competition and finishing fourth in the Premier League, I prefer to win a trophy knowing that – in both cases – you have a Champions League place”

“A coach is judged over the long term. People have called Arsene an avant-garde coach for a long time, because he was able to identify a clear style of play at Arsenal, and now he’s supposed to be all at sea in that area? That makes no sense.”

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“Bad… It saddens me, because guys like Thierry [Henry] or Martin [Keown], I like them, I have good relations with them, but some go in the direction of the controversy and I deplore it.

“To all those former consultants, I want to say three things. First, you must not have a short memory: they owe a lot to Arsene. And they sometimes went out of their way to return to the club after the end of their playing career.

“Then, they should respect the investment of Arsene in the club, the fact that he works like crazy every day. Arsene makes strategic decisions every day for Arsenal.

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“Finally, I want to say to them: Get your hands dirty. Today, you are only in a role of judgment, but invest in a club and you will see that it is not simple.”

Personally I feel they should take it easy on Arsene Wenger and allow him have rest of mind enough to carry out his duties effectively, because if they keep mounting pressure on him, he may never be able to recover and get back his confidence in managing the team as he should. What do you think??

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