Calabar fire outbreak: Chief Medical Director calls for support

Calabar fire outbreak
                     Calabar fire outbreak

The Chief Medical Director, University of Calabar Teaching Hospital (UCTH) Prof. Thomas Agan has called for assistance from the Federal Government, Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) and others, involved in the fire disaster that claimed over 9 lives at Linc Oil and Gas tank farm owned by a Nigerian Senator, Andy Uba in Calabar on Sunday.

He said: “We need massive assistance, not only from the federal government, but from the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation and all the facilities involved in this matter.

We admitted nine patients. Seven of them in the burns ward and the other two who had severe threatening conditions were taken into the Intensive Care Unit.

Unfortunately, those two gave up the ghost this morning. Right now, we have seven patients with burns in our custody and they are receiving treatment.

We had to use all we had to ensure that they are kept alive. Our consumables are now exhausted.

Consequently, the Managing Director of the Nigeria Export Processing Zone Authority (NEPZA) Mr Emmanuel Jime, has donated N2 million to the hospital.

Mr Jime said: “In the face of daunting challenges this hospital has done well by rising to the occasion and so far lives have been saved. So far we have lost 10 lives already. Others are still in a bad shape but because of the professionalism on display by this hospital, we are prayerful and hopeful we can save lives. As an authority there’s little we can do, but we have decided we would extend a token of support so that as much as possible some of the materials required can be taken care of. So as we leave I have directed the Head of the Calabar Free Trade Zone to initiate the process of raising some funding. At present time, we believe we can offer N2 million to support what is going on here. We would keep liaising with them and talking. Our desire is to see that the seven who are still left are able to go back home to their loved ones and to their family.”

According to NAN, the state Commissioner for Petroleum, Mr Itaya Nyong said the state would investigation on the remote and immediate causes of the incident.

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