‘ChopLifeGang’ Celebrities Updates Instagram After Outing On Friday

Choplifegang promoters; Alex Ekubo, IK Ogbonna, Yomi Casual/Photo credit: Instagram

The ‘Chop life Gang’ Team; made up of three celebrities; Alex Ekubo, IK Ogbonna and Yomi Casual have explained better what the initiative is about. The ideology behind the formed group was published on the group’s official Instagram page.

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The group disclaimed being seen or called a political group or party. They wish to be known as a group that strives to mobilise discomforted Nigerians to go out and get their PVCs so they can decide their leaders in 2019.

Choplifegang”Let me clear the air real quick, the PVC movement on Friday is NOT a political one or a protest neither is it a demonstration or Rally, we are just encouraging everyone to get their PVC & decide freely whoever they want to vote for when the time comes, but know this without the PVC even if Jesus comes down to contest next year, you can’t vote for him, so let us not be distracted by the “who do we vote for”.

”Questions flying around & be prepared, think of it like this if you want to go to America, you have to first get your visa, else even if you have hotel reservation & flight ticket, you are going NO WHERE!! In this case the PVC (permanent voters card) is the visa to a better Nigeria, & the second question we get asked alot is, “but you know they would still rig the elections right” my answer to that is so what should we rather do, should we fold our hands & do nothing?

”Just do your own part 1st & leave the rest, Nigeria youth know this, 2/3 of the almost 200 million citizens are youth, wake up & #StayWoke.. we the #ChopLifegang are doing our bit, ask yourself what are you doing about the situation??? So pls if you are tired & want to be a part of the solution, pls join us tomorrow.”

After the exercise on Friday, the group updated the official Instagram page thus:

Group of celebrities who came out for the INEC movement/Photo credit: Instagram

Choplifegang – We can’t thank everyone who came out today to support the @choplifegang PVC (Permanent Voters Card) drive enough, from fellow entertainers to media houses, we only have one intent & that is to get people more involved in the descision making of our dearly beloved country.

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”This is NOT a political rally, NOT an opposition group, & definitely NOT a political party, just 3 friends encouraging the youth to get involved & take advantage of the #NotToYoungToRun bill recently passed in the country, today proved one thing, the willingness is there, we just need to be positively motivated.

”Now this is done successfully we are thinking of maybe extending this to the mainland (Lagos) & or probably any other state(s) in Nigeria, what state do you think we should come to?”


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