Confirmed: Manchester United’s Romelu Lukaku Leaving For Jay Z’s Roc Nation Sports.

Romelu Lukaku signing the Jay Z’s Roc Nation deal with his mom beside him
Romelu Lukaku has officially mentioned the name of the club he will be Manchester United for. The Man Utd forward made a tweet to confirm his exit any moment after the end of the season. 

The thrill of it is that the Belgian is not leaving for another English club, he is rather leaving the club for an American club owned by a famous rapper.

Yes, Lukakau has signed a deal with the popular rapper Jay Z and will be moving over to his RocNation Sports (club).

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A speculation has it that they are more likely to handle and maximize the 24-year-old’s talent and commercial opportunities in America than in Britain.

Before now, Jay Z had his eyes on Marcus Rashford of Manchester United but didn’t continue with his intentions to bring him over to the American side.

Romelu Lukaku was unofficially ‘welcomed to the family’ by Jay Z during his last visit to New York.

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Lukaku on the other hand is comfortable with the Roc Nation boss and has taken up his new deal, ready to face another phase of his life and career. Here’s what he tweeted on his official twitter page on Thursday afternoon.

“You’re looking at the Newest member of the @RocNation Family!”

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