Conte Leaves His Players Dead After Training Says Juventus’ Chiellini

Conte and Chiellini/
The 33-year-old Juventus defender Giorgio Chiellini revealed that his former boss and head coach Antonio Conte (who is now the current coach of Chelsea FC) usually leaves his players dead after training sessions at Juventus.

The Italian defender finds it rather unbelievable that Conte’s team could lose tournaments in the manner they have been losing lately. He reported that the Ex Juventus Coach was highly spirited and would stop at nothing to bring out the best in you as he keeps the up with his regressive training sessions, leaving the atmosphere always competitive and energetic.

Looking at the UEFA Euro Italy played in France, Chiellini said his side felt really special and the forty days spent there was a remarkable one for them.

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“We had 40 days in France and it was like entering another world. You are 100 per cent with him,” Chiellini said. “He creates an atmosphere where everyone gives energy to each other. For sure he is one of the very best.” Said Chiellini.

All these gave rise to his earning the Serie A league title three times and landed him the role of the National Coach of Gli Azzurrri. As a result of his spontaneity, relentless efforts and passion, Chiellini likens his actions to that of a police sergeant. He said “it is not only in the match with Conte, it is all day, every training session. He is like a police sergeant.”

The 31-year old defender said players were only able to complete these demanding and hectic trainings because of the trust and confidence they had in Conte and his outstanding results.

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“When you finish training, you are dead. Not tired – dead. You can do it only because you believe in what he does,” Chiellini said in a statement.

Antonio Conte, who is currently facing a serious backlash that is about costing him his job/career in Chelsea FC as a result of his club receiving a back-to-back heavy pounding in the Premier League, spent three glorious Seasons with Serie A giants Juventus.

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