Creativity! Sonam Kapoor’s Renews Old Fashioned Hairpins

Sonam Kapoor’s Renews Old Fashioned Hairpins
Creativity! Sonam Kapoor’s Renews Old Fashioned Hairpins/Photo Credit: VOGUE

At an IWC watches event in Dubai recently, Sonam Kapoor gave one of her most interesting hairstyles and makeup looks yet. The Neerja actor is well-known for her fashion-forward looks at events and red carpets alike. What’s unique about her latest one, though, apart from being refreshingly summery, it’s also quite easy to recreate.

Dressed in a solid off-white ensemble by Delpozo, Kapoor added a twist to her otherwise monochromatic look by placing pops of pastel strategically throughout her ensemble. While her belt had a pale blue flower and her white necktie came with green polka dots, the most impactful part of her look was her hairstyle and makeup. Bollywood’s celebrated makeup artist and Kapoor’s long-time friend, Namrata Soni made a variety of sorbet shades work together in perfect harmony on Kapoor. While yellow eyeshadow and pink lipstick may have looked jarring anywhere outside of a magazine editorial, Kapoor kept it balanced with a sober-hued outfit, and only added colours as accents to lift the overall look. The most intriguing feature of her look remained her hairstyle. Her unique, twisted bun was speckled with hot pink and coral bobby pins, placed criss-crossed on and around her bun.

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How to recreate Sonam Kapoor’s hairstyle and makeup look

Firstly, ensure that your outfit is a solid, monochromatic one in a shade of white to provide a clean slate for your dramatic beauty look. Start the makeup off with a clean base for your face, and dust yellow eyeshadow all across your eyelids. You can also opt for a single line of yellow liquid liner if you prefer a subtler look. Those with warmer or darker skin tones can go for orange eyeshadow all over their lids as alternative, too (citrus eyeshadows in shades of yellow and orange are having a major moment right now). Add a few coats of mascara to your lashes to make your eyes pop even more. Finish off with a shade of bubblegum pink lipstick and a cream blush in a similar rosy hue.

Sonam Kapoor’s Renews Old Fashioned Hairpins
Creativity! Sonam Kapoor’s Renews Old Fashioned Hairpins/Photo Credit: VOGUE

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To recreate Kapoor’s hairstyle, pull back your hair to make a high pony, then twist and secure it in an updo, such that it gives an illusion of two or multiple buns. Next, decorate your bun with colourful bobby pins in your desired pattern. For a more laid-back look, you can just skip the bun and pull back your freshly washed mane, securing it with bobby pins at the back. It’s literally as easy as 1-2-3.


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