Darya Kholodnykh: One blush Stick Can Give Entire Look!

One blush Stick Can Give Entire Look
One blush Stick Can Give Entire Look/Photo Credit allure:

A Russian makeup artist Darya Kholodnykh  has proved that it is possible to do a full face of makeup with only one product. Darya Kholodnykh did what lots of people have been expecting to happen someday and to become a reality as well. she posted this video on Instagram lately and it went  viral and also viewed almost a million times.

She said; ”I’m not sure if people were more shocked by the fact that you have to turn yourself into a polka-dotted clown first or that a complete no-makeup makeup look can be done with a single stick of pink blush. Either way, Kholodnykh explains further in her caption, “If you asked what makeup, in my opinion, is ideal, I would say this one.”

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In her mini tutorial, she begins by drawing a dot on the apple of each of the model’s cheeks with the Smashbox L.A. Lights Blendable Lip & Cheek Color. Then, followed by her dabbing some on the tip of the model’s nose, the center of her chin and lips. The stick was also swiped on the model’s lids and dotted on each temple. Then, Kholodnykh buffs out pink spots with a fluffy brush.

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The unexpected additions of the pink blush on the tip of the nose and temples at first seem like they wouldn’t work and also give the look that funny and clownish quality. Many people even commented on how confused they  were by those placements. However, the end point is what matters, once everything is blended out, all the blush points make sense and look great too. A little bit of rouge on the tip of your nose and temples surprisingly helps amp up the fresh, flushed look.


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