Davido’s Girlfriend: Chioma’s Brand New SUV Birthday Gift Rocks The Internet

Davido's Girlfriend: Chioma's Brand New SUV Birthday Gift Rocks The Internet - Surge Zirc
Davido’s girlfriend Chioma/ Photo credit: Instagram

This is Chioma, Davido’s girlfriend that received a brand new SUV car from him as a birthday gift. Currently the internet is littered with love expressions from the love birds. Its quite dramatic and compelling…how? you may wonder.

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Following the news that Davido bought his girlfriend a brand new porche, popular comedian AY said it’s a slap for a young man like Davido to make such an expensive gift presentation to just a girlfriend when older dudes like him hasn’t done anything next to that. Wow!

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Lol, somehow, somehow girlfriends around celebrities will be planning on confronting their boos should they get anything less than a brand new SUV posh on their birthdays. Comedian AY got quite a number of videos online showing concern and would probably plan for nothing less for his gir*lfri**d. AY’s wife must not read this post. Lolllllllll.

Right about now Chioma rocks…


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