Dwayne Johnson’s Business Game Changing Strategies Up For Adoption

Dwayne Johnson's Business Game Changing Strategies Up For Adoption - Surge Zirc
Hollywood actor Dwayne Johnson/ Photo credit: Dwayne Johnson

How in the name of heaven did Dwayne Johnson made it to the top of Hollywood movies with a rocket speed model? Something more than the usual must have been activated. The Hollywood giant actor revealed his secrete hours ago and it’s a big learning board for hungry chaps who wants to fly in business instead of creeping.

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Dwayne’s lesson is simple, read more…

therock ”One of the most critical (and enjoyable) meetings of the year for me is sitting with my top and most trusted advisors.Six long and very productive hours of strategy and build out. WME partners, Brad Slater, Jason Hodes and Todd Jacobs. My financial advisor and investment strategist, Howard Altman of Grant, Tani, Barash & Altman.

”And she’s the greatest enterprise builder in the game, @danygarciaco, founder of the @garciacompanies which also serves as my management company.
Joining us later, my entertainment attorneys, Harold Brown and Bianca Levin of Gang, Tyre, Ramon and Brown. And our newly appointed CFO, Simon Walshaw.

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”Surround yourself with brilliant, hungry people who are experts at their craft – and go to work. And if you fail, even better. You’ll be stronger and smarter next go around.
I never wanted to just play in the game. I want to change the way the game is played.
A very productive day.”

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