Entrepreneurship: Evaluating your personal Qualifications



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The first step into entrepreneurial journey, be sure to eradicate stress from your day to day life. Find a serene environment where you can feel relaxed and free from any form of distraction. A notepad, a pen would be a nice companion

Some like to incorporate certain rituals, such as lighting a candle or playing soothing music, to promote relaxation and create a constructive energy flow.


Being FOCUS is an important factor, because first you have to clear your mind of every anxieties. Reflect on those characteristics that best diligently identify who you are.

Possibly you consider yourself a hard worker, an idealist. Reality is that we possess different strengths and weaknesses entirely. Do not filter or analyze anything. Modestly outline your unique strengths and weaknesses. Identifying these traits would help mold you into a better Business owner (CEO).


Next is making a list of your accomplishments.

Consider some major milestones in your life, and ask yourself these questions;

Do you have a job? Work for someone else or yourself? How many jobs have you held over the years? Were all of them in the same field, a related field, or a different field altogether? What do you feel were your most valuable contributions in each of these roles? Have you received any special honors or awards? Many times we do not stop to reflect on the personal impact our lives have on others.

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Will you operate your business as a sole proprietor or have a partner? Maybe you are interested in obtaining a management position and working for someone else for a while. Will this be a new role for you? What attracted you to the business in the first place? What do you like most about it? Are there specific tasks within your current job description that you enjoy more than others? Which is your least favorite?

These are just some of the questions to consider as you lay the groundwork for the next phase of your career.


Your motivation might be the difficulty you have taking orders from your superiors, or your aspiration to becoming financially free, or your zeal for recognition in contributing to solve certain needs in the society. Working hard for someone else without any of the benefits or prestige has driven more than one employee to establish their own business.

The desire to make more money and the need to be recognized for the contributions that one makes to the success of an operation are two of the more popular incentives for going into business for oneself. Working hard for someone else without any of the benefits or prestige has driven more than one employee to establish their own business

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Possibly none of these fit your precise situation, and being your own boss has always been your dream. Whatever your reasons are, clarifying them is a critical part of realizing your plan for success. This will help you to maintain your focus, especially on those days when things do not go according to plan.


It has been proved that entrepreneurs are not necessarily born; they can also be made or molded. In some cases, new business owners have the opportunity to learn from previous management. Others may seek sophisticated levels of education to assist them in assuming the responsibilities of operating a business. However, most successful entrepreneurs possess certain general character traits.

By Cedric Zewas

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