Europa League Trophy, Stolen And Recovered In Leon City, Mexico

Europa League Trophy, Stolen And Recovered In Leon City, Mexico
The stolen Europa League trophy that has been recovered in Leon city, Mexico
The Europa League trophy that was displayed at a publicity event in Mexico was stolen after the exhibition and recovered a few hours after the Authorities declared it stolen.  According to officials in Leon said that it was stolen from a vehicle.

Guanajuato state Authorities explained that before the trophy was stolen, it was on display at the football stadium there in Leon on Friday night while on tour but has now been recovered and is in safe hands now. This announcement was made on Saturday morning.

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“We recovered the Cup after receiving information that it had been stolen from the car transporting it,” said a post on the Twitter account of the Guanajuato public prosecutor, alongside a picture of the trophy in a case.

The event that led to this incident was organized by one of European football governing body UEFA’s sponsors.

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No additional information was released to the public concerning the theft of the trophy as to who took the trophy, the exact location where the trophy was found or if actions were taken against the perpetrators if any, etc.

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