Again! Facebook Sued For Violating Privacy Terms

Facebook sued
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A lot of internet gurus and social network users are still wondering why Facebook allowed Cambridge Analytica to access data of over 50 million of its users.

3 users of the social media platform (Facebook) have dragged Facebook to court on grounds that the platform is violating their rights to privacy by collecting records of phone calls and text messages without permission.

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The 3 Facebook users on behalf of other affected users, filed a lawsuit in a federal court in the Northern District of California against Facebook with claims for unspecified damages incurred by the information dispersed by the platform to unknown users and seeks for collective action status.

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In response to the scandal over the alleged use of information by millions of people for a political consultancy, Facebook on Wednesday said it is offering its users greater control over their privacy by adding more control options to the privacy terms.

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On Sunday, Facebook acknowledged that it recorded the call history of some members of the social network but said that it only did when users of the Android operating system accepted or give permission. They also denied the claim that it collects the content of calls or text messages and that the information is stored securely and not sold to third parties.

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