Fans fault Flavour’s Semi-naked Picture on Social Media



Fans fault Flavour Semi-naked Picture on Social Media-
Nigeria singer, Flavour half naked picture/ Photo credit: Instagram

Flavour is a Nigeria music star whose high life music concept gained prominence into limelight few years back. Since Flavour became a super star, his social media activities has taken a different dimension. Flavour is mostly seen posting photographs of him wearing small pants, thereby advertising what should be private.

I have personally wondered why a figure like Flavour would want to go semi-nude poblic. Could he possibly be aiming at seducing ladies as some people have accused? It is most understandable that the ADa-ada crooner is a fitness icon but that doesn’t call for posting half naked pictures on social media all the time.

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We discovered that Flavour’s fans so far have divided into two with a part appreciating his recent look of six-pack built, while the other part faulted the idea that he almost showed himself all in public.

Drop a comment after reading this post, lets get what you feel, so we can help our supposed role models do the right thing. We have tagged Flavour so he can see your comment.

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