Fitness Model Reveals Four Top Tips To Achieving Curvy Bum

Mandie built her bum with these 4 tips/photo credit: daily star
Every woman wants to look feminine by having the curvy bum that truly defines the outer beauty of a woman. Some older women might not be keen for that since they are now aged, but the younger women and girls still crave for such.

Qualified personal trainer Mandie Nugent, has revealed some tips on how to achieve this. She said that being consistent with your diet and exercise regime can help to turn and build your butt. She also recommended protein-filled diet among other useful things to be done in order to achieve a curvy butt. According to this gym bunny, she is able to build up her glutes by spending years at the gym.

She spoke to the Daily Star Online on tips on geting this curvaceous rear [bum]. The four top tips mentioned are; 

  1. By eating the right foods that have nutritional values: She said; ” Sticking by a balanced diet and getting in more protein where you can. ‘Protein is what allows the muscle to grow and repair itself. ‘Carbohydrates and fats are also needed to provide your body with the energy it needs to stimulate muscle growth, she added. ‘This is the process the body needs to go through to create curves and give you that perky peach you’ve been working for.”

2. Get your gluts activated: 

She said; “Many gym-goers accidentally build up the thighs and lower back when they’re trying to grow their booty. To avoid this, start by activating gluts which gets you ready to soak up the benefit of squats, lunges and dead lifts”.

Mandie also recommended performing 15-20 reps of each of these exercises three times:

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She taught on frog : “Lie on your back with feet together and knees dropped to either side creating a diamond shape with your legs.

-Pull your feet as close to your body as possible and perform hip thrusts squeezing the bum at the top of every rep”.

3. She explains Squat:  According to her; “It can be instinctual to take up squatting when you’re trying to work on your bum. She said that although this is one of the popular exercises for enhancing your curves, but mixing it up with other routine is better.Try lunges or variations of lunges such as curtsy lunges, walking lunges, bulgarian split squats/lunge” she added.

The fitness model continued: “There’s also dead lifts, sumo dead lifts, RDLs, hip thrusts, glute bridges, kick backs, good mornings, abductors, glute press…. the list goes on. Don’t be afraid to experiment and if you can feel it burning then it’s working’’.

4. Women should not be afraid to go heavy: She advises that women who want to stimulate the glutes will see better results by lifting. She said that many women avoid this out of fears that they will get too muscly, but this isn’t actually the case.

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In her words: “Women don’t produce enough testosterone in the body to become bulky or ‘Hench’, she continued: ‘Weight training creates curves and your body adapts to the weight you lift to allow you to become stronger, “As you become stronger you need to then lift more weight to allow your body to continue adapting. In conclusion; “This is called Progressive Overload Training and it’s the best way to improve the shape of your bum and body.”


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