Five Star President, E-money’s View On ‘Wisdom’ Is The Latest From Him

Five Star President/ Photo credit: Instagram

How much wisdom do you have in display at your place of work, in your finance, in school, in dealing with others, in your investment and at each of your steps. Five Star Music boss, E-money took to Social media to show his total submission to the wisdom of the almighty.

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Rich and handsome is a quick way to describe the wealthy producer who started his chase for money way back in Malaysia.

Five Star Music President, E-money display Luxury/ photo credit: Instagram

E-money posts pictures that shows extreme luxury on social media with common prayers that shows he’s too loaded to go empty and too successful to fail. Hours back E-money’s post on the importance of wisdom on social media went viral and is the latest update from him.

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Let me take you through his post on Instagram

”We do not lack Wisdom.. cos We got the wisdom of God in us…. We cannot lack wisdom…. ls Our Wisdom….! And We work in the light of it…Wisdom in dealing with Men! Wisdom in functioning at our Work ! Wisdom everywhere We go! Wisdom every step We take! Wisdom in Our Finances! Wisdom in our investments! Oh We Work in the Wisdom of God… #if you believe in the wisdom of God say a big Amen.”

We sure believe in the wisdom of God!

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