Flora Nwapa’s ‘One Is Enough’: Everything A Feminist Would Preach

Flora Nwapa's 'One Is Enough': Everything A Feminist Would Preach
Cover photo of the book ‘one is eough’/ photo credit:Abebooks

‘One Is Enough’ a book that portrays everything a feminist would preach, written as far back as 1981.

One Is Enough is a story of an average Nigerian woman (Amaka) who was compelled to find an independent and fulfilling life on her own after her marriage of six years failed coupled with the fact that her doctor had declared her barren; giving her Mother-in-law an opportunity to taunt and harass her everyday.

Already in pain and agony in her home, she realises that her husband has plans to take another wife- a woman who had already borne her husband 2 sons in secret.

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The news that she would have to share her matrimonial bed with another woman shattered Amaka thereby bringing her to the realisation that she has to stand up and live for herself.

She then decides to take her mother’s advice “Forget men, be pregnant, have your children and live an independent life. Take your sister Ayo as an example; she has four children with a wealthy man (already married) who is in charge of their welfare and indeed doing it well, it is far better to be a mother than to be a wife,”

Amaka moves to the big city ‘Lagos’ for a fresh start in life; in order to make money and live comfortably, Amaka got involved with a number of ‘high placed men’ a quick solution in a pretty corrupt society (use what you have to get what you want).

Interestingly, one of the men Amaka got involved with was a Catholic priest placed in an important position as director.

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On the long run in their relationship things got a bit dicey, the once barren woman is declared pregnant for a Catholic priest!

Would Amaka give marriage a second chance as the priest is willing to give up his priestly role or would she decide that One Is Enough?


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