Fuss As UEFA Mistakenly Reveals Champions League Winner Before Finals, Takes Down Post

Fuss As UEFA Mistakenly Reveals Champions League Winner Before Finals, Takes Down Post
it will be the beginning of something special for Liverpool if they win the Champions League this season.
In a blunder or a technical glitch UEFA accidentally announced this season’s Champions League winners to be Britain’s Liverpool on their website early on Friday and this has caused a serious uproar and chaos on the internet from fans and supporters of different clubs as well as other internet users .

This is so because the unknown but ‘known’ winner of the UEFA Champions League winner has already been announced three weeks before the Real Madrid-Liverpool faceoff in Kiev, Ukraine is scheduled to be staged.

On the picture post uploaded on the official website of UEFA was written “Season 2017/2018” “Winner” and the ‘winner’ was written directly under the Liverpool Logo/Crest.

Although the erroneous post was quickly spotted and taken down, social media users took to twitter with the screenshots of the picture and the website and started throwing shades and tantrums with it online.

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This particular post was really taken seriously owing to the turnout of events in the same vein when the Roma advertized tickets for fans and supporters to go to their home leg/return match against Liverpool even before the official fixture and announcement of the two clubs by UEFA where Liverpool made it to the finals with a 7-6 aggregate win over Roma.

The final match of this season’s UEFA Champions League between Liverpool and Real Madrid will determine the best team in Europe.

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With the whole scenario and mistakenly published contents as concerns the fixtures and predictions of  matches and their outcomes from UEFA’s official webpage and other blogs/websites, fans are beginning to question the integrity and authenticity of the results and outcomes of matches as well as the decisions of the football governing bodies.

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