Gang Of Rhino-Poachers Meets Death In South African Game Reserve!

Gang Of Rhino-Poachers Meets Death In South African Game Reserve!
Rhinos and Lions/photo credit:maxim

According to Nick Fox, the owner of Sibuya Game Reserve located, near the Eastern Cape Town of Kenton-on-Sea, South Africa, Human Remnants and Poaching tools was found in lion enclosure following the reserve’s Specially Trained Anti-dog alert which signifies a mix-up or uncertainty.

Human remains found in a South African game reserve are believed to be those of a gang of rhino poachers who ran into a pack of lions.

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The poachers are believed to have intruded into the lion’s enclosure of the Sibuya Game Reserve, on Sunday night or early Monday morning hence, devoured by the lions. Their remains were not discovered until the next day being Tuesday at about 4.30pm.

Nick Fox told the Media:

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“At about 4.30pm on Tuesday, one of our field guides on game drive alerted the Anti-Poaching Unit that there appeared to be human remains as well as other items in the immediate vicinity of the lions,” he said.

These items included “all the hallmarks of a gang intent on killing rhino and removing their horns”, Fox said, including a “high-powered rifle, gloves, wire cutters and the remains of a backpack”.

“The axe that was found on the scene is what is used to by these poachers to hack off the horn after they kill the animal,” he added.

Previous reports suggested that a lone poacher had been attacked, but further investigation of the terrible scene suggested at least two people were devoured by the lions.

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“Judging from the shoes and items found on the scene‚ I suspect it is about two or maybe three.”

According to the South African reports, the Eastern Cape has become a “hotbed for Rhino poaching with nine Rhinos already taken by the poachers this year.”

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