We need Assistance from the Government – Nigerians suffering from Xenophobia in South Africa



Nigerians living in Limpopo province of South Africa, who have been experiencing xenophobic attacks had called on the Nigerian Government for rescue, alleging that they have been forgotten.

According to Oluwasegun Oyebanji; “The affected victims in the province are suffering.

A woman whose husband was killed during the attack is now left with four children. The late husband was the bread winner of the family. It has not been easy for her.

Another Nigerian whose skin was scarred is just recovering from the wounds inflicted on him and he needs urgent help.

We need assistance from the government.”

Oyebanji said the consulate officials came and quickly left, neglecting the victims.

He said: “As we speak, Nigerians who lost their passports have not been given new ones and they urgently need it to restart life.

We appeal to the government to call the consulate officials to order.

They should wake up to their responsibilities and ensure that the welfare of Nigerians is given priority attention.”

Chairman of the Nigerian union in the province disclosed the information to Journalist.

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