Claimed Activist in Lagos Burn Coffin Against Separation of Nigeria

Group Claimed to be Activist in Lagos Burn Coffin against Separation of Nigeria,
Activist protesting against the separation of Nigeria in Lagos

Unidentified group claiming to be Activists in Lagos demonstrated with placard against the division of Nigeria. The group said that Ojukwu, Awolowo, Tafawa Belewa, Azikiwe and Adakaboro died for Nigerians. So there is absolutely no need considering separation.

Alongside carrying placard, the group burn coffin along the street as a measure of protest.

Activist burn coffin against the separation of Nigeria in Lagos

Remarkably, one of the placard bearing IPOB Nation, Oduduwa Nation, Ijaw Nation and Arewa Nation was strike cancel with a red color. Road users could not help but wonder the root of the group.

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