Guides On Achieving A fitting Eyebrow Lining

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As long as makeup is concerned, eyebrow lining is the basis but most difficult to achieve. Beginners often find it very difficult to draw a fitting eyebrow. In order to achieve a good eyebrow lining, first of all, trim your eyebrow to a desired shape.   

How Do You Go About Shaving Your Eyebrows?

You probably don’t need to draw on your eyebrows if they’re bushy. You can brush your eyebrows up and carefully trim them.

Makeup eyebrows
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Get a thin razor and go along the out sides to shape them. You could also get them professionally done.

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After that, go slow and make small strokes below and above your neatly shaped brows. Try to get a natural shape and get an eyebrow pencil that could mimic hairs. Fill in your eyebrow pencil until you achieve your desired propensity. It might be better to just fill your eyebrows in with temporary filler using a filler brush. Then brush out brows to blend harsh edges.

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Which Brow Pencil/Mascara Should You Use?

It depends on your particular preference. You can ask a professional at your local store for assistance in picking one out. Another factor to consider is your complexion. If your skin is lighter, use lighter brown, if your skin is darker, use darker brown.

You should try to get a color close to your hair color. If you have lighter hair, you should use a light shade of brown.

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When you are finished, compare both eyebrows straight on to ensure they are fairly symmetrical. Don’t worry about any minor differences as no one’s natural eyebrows match perfectly.

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If you’re having trouble free handing your eyebrow’s basic shape, try using an eyebrow stencil (sold in cosmetic stores) as a guide. If you are trying to achieve a natural look, avoid creating sharp angles or boxy points. If your eyebrow’s natural arch is quite dramatic, you shouldn’t smooth it down.

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