Health: Measures On Ground To Reduce Time Spent In Hospital For Surgery

Measures On Ground To Reduce Time Spent In Hospital For Surgery
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Two groups of Health practitioners, Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust with Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Centre (KCMC) have joined together to work in common in reducing the time patients spent in the hospital after surgical operations.

From report, the joint-development was targeted on digitalizing records, understanding the cause of overcrowding, testing diagnostic radiology equipment, supporting staff on wards and assisting in theatres.

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The source also recalled that for nearly 20 years, Northumbria Healthcare with KCMC have co-worked to provide training and support to healthcare professionals.

According to Brenda Longstaff, head of international partnerships at the Northumbria Healthcare: “We’re really excited about going back. It’s serious work, but it’s such a pleasure to do it with people whom we now call friends.

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“It is ten years since we delivered Tanzania’s first training course in laparoscopic surgery. Since then, KCMC has carried out more than 600 successful keyhole operations.

“Each step of the way we push boundaries and together make a difference – not only to the population of 13million that the hospital serves, but to thousands more as doctors come from across Tanzania and beyond to train with the team.”

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The collaboration will reduce the risk of cross-infection for patients – Morpeth Herald.


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