The Hidden Truth to Achieving a Successful Marriage

The Hidden Truth to Achieving a Successful Marriage/Photo Credit: arabiaweddings
A successful marriage is when the couple is living peacefully with each other. This requires understanding, honesty, undying commitment, selfless love and above all Jesus Christ at the center of all you do.

Some people have a wrong ideology on what marriage entails. They often think that having a successful marriage is all about acquiring a big house, perfect spouse, a million dollars or an expensive car. No! it is not just that! When you see most couples celebrating silver or golden jubilee you will be left wondering; how they did the magic that made them have it successful all these years?

At times I laugh at some couple celebrating 2, 3, 4, or 5 years anniversary, and I do ask what are they celebrating when they’ve got no experience about marriage? Some are even involved in marriage counseling. Marriage counseling or celebration of marriage will be rightly done owing to the number of year’s of which the couple must have gone through the periods of thick and thin.

How These Requirements Works;


Lots of people think that love is what can hold marriage relationship firmly so it can stand the taste of time, it doesn’t but understanding do. When couple understands each other, peace will be the bedrock of that marriage.

Undying Commitment

Before taking the vow to live with him or her, you must have made up your mind to devote to the marriage in totality. It is a solemn union and has to be handled wholeheartedly and unending as well, giving no room for either separation or divorce. That is why lots of men/women are never committed to their union; because they often have divorce as the next option should anything happens.

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It is very important to be honest in your marriage. As a couple who has come together in agreement to get married and be together for the rest of your lives,  there should not be any room for secretes or lies. Be sincere to each other to avoid suspicion that is the only way that marriage can stand the taste of time.

Selfless Love

Love in marriage has to be unconditional and undiluted. A song writer sang a song; it’s good, loving somebody and somebody loves you back; not 60: 40, not 70:30, talk about 50:50 love. It means that love has to be immeasurable. Where selfless love exists in marriage, love cannot be wicked. Most women give their hubby conditions before doing certain things likewise hubby to wife, it is absolutely wrong.

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Jesus Christ at The Center of All You Do

This is the ultimate and the top most priority among all the requirements. Without Christ in anything at all in life which marriage is one of them, there is bound to be crisis and the marriage will successfully crash. Christ has to be the foundation and fully involve in all aspects of the marriage. Remember marriage is Christ’s personal institution and if He’s honoured in what He instituted, He will in turn honour it.

Marriage is a sweet thing that can happen to a man/woman if well handled. Therefore strive to know how to make yours successful an also blissful.


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