Honda Adds driver assist tech to all 2019 Honda Civics

Honda Adds driver assist tech to all 2019 Honda Civics - Surge Zirc
Honda/Photo credit: Engadget

The system will come as standard in all trim packages, In 2014, Honda added driver assist technology called Sensing to its higher-end trim packages on select models. The system is part of the automaker’s plans to bring Sensing to all its vehicles by 2022 and perfect self-driving cars by 2025.

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It’s available, but not standard, as of 2019 for all Honda vehicles. This year, however, the company will include Sensing safety features for all trim levels of the Civic Sedan and Coupe.

The updated autos will arrive as the 10th-generation of the Civic line of cars launches next year. The company promises updated styling and a new Sport trim for both sedan and coupe along with the Sensing technology.

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The system includes an automated braking system, forward collision warnings and will help keep you on the road and in your lane along with an adaptive cruise control.


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