How Jim Iyke Stirred Up Fight Among Two Of His Fans

How Jim Iyke Stirred Up Fight Among Two Of His Fans -
Jim Iyke pose for a photo shoot before traveling to Owerri for a movie shoot/ Photo credit: Instagram

The level of passion some fans have for their entertainment idols is quite amazing. Hours back Jim Iyke posed for a photo shoot after dressing up for his Owerri, Imo State movie trip and then posted the photo on social media.

The style crazy Nollywood movie star in his usual way stepped out in a crazy, funky outfit that attracted the comments of some concern fans, which in turn triggered the anger of a more die-hard fan.

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The following is the fight immediately Jim Iyke posted the picture

  • joejoesam1@jim.iyke, go and marry o. You can’t be wearing crazy jeans up and down in your forties without a cute woman with a cute smile in the background.*** Before you come onto me with your ‘kill-moral’ clapback,I just wanna say I love your movies and I’m a great fan. Much love.❤

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  • teamjimiyke@joejoesam1 You can imagine the words coming outa a nasty senseless unreasonable piss flaps who has refused to take his meds..😱 have u forgotten that this place is no arena for ur specie?? Better be warned and don’t get me started this hot afternoon..#Termite did u just say Much love and u are what?😪 A great fan…? #LaughsSoftly#GrabsBurgeonWater A Great fan of his should know that he has a family.. Hash😁tag K N O B H E A D Run as far as ur legs can carry. And stop believing that u can carry ur stupid wits against someone who commanded armies hundreds of years before you were born.. Good Riddance #Mschew Hashtag F O O L👎

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How passionate fans can be…

  • fatbillion_Boss @jim.iyke I’m in owerri…. i will be glad to meet you…. i see you being in my town as the biggest opportunity to meet my t.v God…. became your fan @ a tender age, loved you the more after watching hostile Hostage….. i love your energy and enthusiasm in that movie with @ritadominic ….. please do me the biggest favour by granting my humble request…. I’m godstime unichi your fan here in OTOWN…… #jim.iyke&fatbillionchronicle
  • slykingsleyu are my best arthur always ,full of styles and courage will love to work with boss of all bosses


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