How Much Are You Ready To Sacrifice, To Achieve Your Dream?

How Much Are You Ready To Sacrifice, To Achieve Your Dream?
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I’ve heard a lot of persons castigate rich people, probably because they needed something from them and didn’t get through. It might also be as a result of not getting the level of attention they want.

But let’s be realistic- If some persons who are in the business of mouth-washing rich people goes an inch close to what rich people went through before becoming rich they would sign an ‘I accept to remain poor for the rest of my life’ document.

Little wonder why 50 cent’s one time slogan ‘Get rich or die trying’ went viral.

This content will not spread so much for now because Susan and I are talking about doing an extensive work on this topic. So I’ll streamline the points and shove some others for a later time discussion.

Meanwhile, the question is, how much are you ready to sacrifice for your dream, would you give up the person you’ve always been just because the path that demands it leads to your dream?

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At this point let’s talk, let me tell you what Mark had to go through while struggling to promote ‘SMC & Associates’..

One year into the growing business, in an unfair society where there was absolutely no plan for SME to access loan. Mark’d ran out of working capital, but had a clear vision of the future of the business, quitting was not an option.

How then would he manage the establishment with more than 8 staffs?

At the end of the month, there was no money to foot the salary bills. Most friends advised Mark to give up the dream, maybe to pick it up at later time in future.

For me that Idea was whack, “If you ever leave this business now, the possibility of going back to start all over again in future is very minimal, almost not in existence.” I told Mark

As you follow the story, remember that as the promoter, Mark’d invested a lot of money into the business. He is about six months near to the threshold, that’s when the business will begin to pay back.

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The ache here is managing the staffs that would execute the jobs with him until 6 months when he’ll proudly say goodbye to poverty for life.

Most of the story as I initially said would be detailed in a subsequent work, but I’ll tell you about the part when going to the office to work was more like a pain in the gad-damn ass.

Meanwhile, the job they do at the time, requires they run power generator almost 24 hours every day and then stay connected to the internet, which means that there must be data, not just data, but a heavy band weight.

The power supply at the office was disconnected, but there was light at Mark’s residence. But the atmosphere at his living home was grossly unsuitable for work, for some particular reasons

So the option left was going to a house where three of his female employees reside.

He weighed the option of going to work at his employees home, and not going, and then let the business which was near breakthrough pull down.

I personally refused imagining the given situation, mostly when the employees in question were ladies.

You need not be told what ladies can do. Remember they are three, so even when one understands, the other two may not understand, even when two understand one may not and then when the three understands, some visiting friends may not understand.

“Mark, if you must do this, then be ready to go through some fucking humiliating times,” I told him.

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I still couldn’t come all out to discourage him, considering the position of the business.

I quickly remembered the sayings “You can’t eat your cake and have it,” “Whatever is worth doing is worth doing real well,” “Nothing good comes easy,” “Gold went through fire before becoming gold,” “For every idea that does not look stupid at conception, there is no reality,” then I advised him to go.

Mark went, he’s fast succeeding, but the experience would drag tears down your eyes, you don’t want to hear it.

But I might publish what really transpired as he went, only when the demand is very high now, otherwise it’ll be injected into the bigger work. Till then, ‘dreams requires sacrifice.’


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