How To Register for Miss Surge Zirc 2018 Beauty Pageant

Miss Surge Zirc 2018 registration/ photo credit: Surge Zirc photos

One of the regular questions that comes from Surge Zirc readers concerning the ‘Miss Surge Zirc 2018’ is, how do I register? Next is, how do we vote?

We’ll make the answer to these questions clear in this article.

This is how to ‘register’

On your desktop, laptop or mobile phone open a browser, it could be Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, UC browser, Opera mini or any other browser.

Then type in, on the home page, check under the header to see menu bar, then click on ‘Hall of Fame’ category, you will be redirected to the category page proper.

A form is embedded on the ‘Hall of Fame’ category, please before clicking to fill the form read other articles on that page carefully to have a better knowledge of how the programme will run.

After reading then hit the fill form button to get the form and begin to fill the form online there.

After carefully filling the registration form, click submit button and wait for a mail that will take you through the next stage. This mail does not stay beyond 48 hours.

How To Vote:

We’ve programmed the voting in a way that it will cost absolutely no money, only data.

How To Do It!

Every day of the ten days, a video of the days task will be uploaded in the morning hours and will be allowed to stay throughout the day.

Contestants will be given access to their mobile phone to mobilize friends and families to go vote for them.

Now, the voting takes place on Surge Zirc platform e.g. The video for ‘Day 4’ will be captioned ‘Day 4 task video’ 

People shall click on the video, after watching to see the task for the day scroll down to the bottom of the same page, click into the comment box and type ‘I vote for Joy Philips, 222433.’ Each person must vote only once a day.

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