“I Had A Dream, Nigeria Won The World Cup And A Monkey Stole The Trophy”

"I Had A Dream, Nigeria Won The World Cup And A Monkey Stole The Trophy" Surge Zirc
Monkey that stole Nigerian world cup Russia 2018 trophy in the dream/Photo credit: Twitter

Still in the spirit of the world Cup, like it is in many other countries around the world, Nigerians are keeping hopes alive, they believe that coming out en masse to support the Super Eagles would go a long way in helping the teams performance.

Earlier before the super Eagles of Nigeria met with the Croatian team in Moscow on Saturday, Most Nigerian celebrities had got the Nigerian Jerseys, wearing them in solidarity.

Social media was filled with prayer posts made by celebrities in support of the Super Eagles. And then, as the time for the match came, not even a soul was found along most of the streets of Port-Harcourt.

Viewing centers were filled to the brim as there was no electricity for people to view the match at their homes.

Usually such viewing centers are filled when serious football competitions are on and those that are not along the road where people can see are noticed when a team scores and supporters of that team jubilates.

To my amaze, 40 minutes into the match there was no noise from anywhere in the entire neighborhood. Both the viewing centers along the road and those at hidden corners were all as quiet as a mortuary.

Then I moved towards a particular center closer to me at Eneka, Port-Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria to interview a few persons.

The first person that spoke to me, Philips Worlu said: “the Nigerian Super Eagles are annoying” But I reminded him that the game just started and there is every likelihood that the game will stabilize after this first match.

He was about responding to what I said when a lady Bella Orji said “I had a dream that the Super Eagles won the World Cup and a monkey stole the trophy.”

So funny! I guess this was coming from the fact that earlier this year, Nigerian news was dominated by the interference of animals coming to take away valuables. Like the report of a snake swallowing N36 million, Monkey escaping with N70 million, Rat chases President Buhari out of Aso Rock, and sarcastically, we hear elephant destroying First bank branches in different location and demanding for the money in First bank custody. Laughs-out-loud.

While the joke continued by the side, the match between Nigeria and Croatia continued as well. Not quite long, people started leaving the viewing centers; flooding the streets again as if a whistle was blown for different locked gates to be open at once.

As they all walked out one thing was obvious; there was no smile on their faces. People were taking to their heels so I ask a guy “Hello how did it end?” “2-0 against Nigeria,” he said, I said “No wonder.”

Truly Nigeria loosing to Croatia 0-2 was demoralizing and could affect how Nigerians will follow the rest of the World Cup games. Does it mean that Nigerians are sentimental? I don’t know. I just know they want to win even if a monkey swallows the trophy afterwards.


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