“Incorporate Local Languages Into Our Educational Curriculum” -BSN Secretary



"Incorporate Local Languages Into Our Educational Curriculum" -BSN Secretary
Dr. Dare Ajiboye/photo credit: churchtimesnig.net

The General Secretary of the Bible Society of Nigeria (BSN), Dr. Dare Ajiboye, has urged the Nigerian government to incorporate the teaching of local languages into the educational curriculum.

He said that this will serve as a means of preserving the local languages in the country as most of the local languages are feared to be going into extinction, stressing that the death of a language is the death of a culture.

Dr. Ajiboye made this statement at a briefing held in Rivers State to announce the completion of the translation of the Holy Bible into Kalabari and Okrika, two local languages spoken in Rivers State.

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He said: “The death of a language is the death of a culture. Our languages and culture must not die. I will like to call on the government at all levels to take the issue of our mother tongues seriously by ensuring that they are taught in our schools.

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“I want to challenge government to bring up policies that will sustain our languages lest they go into extinction. The mother tongue is so important that the United Nations set aside February 21 as International Mother Language day.”

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