It’s RMD’s Birthday, 6th July, His First Comment Is Attractive

It's RMD's Birthday, 6th July, His First Comment Is Attractive - Surge Zirc
Richard Mofe Damijo, Nigerian actor and movie producer/Photo credit: Instagram

Richard Mofe Damijo (RMD) is one of the pioneers of Nollywood. He and a few other actors like Kenneth Okonkwo, Pet Edochie, and some more, shaped the pattern of today’s Nigerian movie industry.

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With many awards to his credit and countless brand promotion deals, RMD still shines and waxes very strong. He’s currently promoting a classic TV series. He was also involved in politics in the past.

Today, Uncle Richard is 57. He quite recognised it’s his birthday and so he quickly hit Instagram with an attractive message for fans, followers and the rest of the world. We found it most attractive and decided to share..

Mofe Damijo”Yes its my birthday. 57 and counting…Word to self is REJUVENATION…. in all its meaning. I tend to let everything around me affect my mood. But i have so much to thank God for. I cant pretend not to see all the outpouring of love in all the posts.Texts. Messages. I am grateful and thankful. God bless you all.”

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We quite thank the almighty God too on your behalf for this rare privilege that is not open to everyone on planet earth today, but you got it.

More strength and enjoy the rest of your day! Surge Zirc Gossiper say so.

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