Juliet Ibrahim Looks Flawless In New Photo, But Needs A Push

Juliet Ibrahim Looks Flawless In New Photo, But Needs A Push - Surge Zirc
Nollywood actress juliet Ibrahim/Photo credit: Instagram

Nollywood actress Juliet Ibrahim looks flawless in a new photo, admitted, but needs a force to make her open up on why her latest post of late focuses on how men treat women.

The actress few minutes ago posted to Instagram the following lines:

julietibrahim Value is measured by that which you are willing to spend for something. You choose to value something or someone. When you value something/someone, the more you feel endeared to take care of it/the person and see it’s/their worth.

Previously, Juliet had also published the following..

julietibrahim I do not understand Men who don’t take care of their women, all in the name of “She’s independent”. If you don’t take care of her my brother someone else will.

Prior to that was…

julietibrahim The best relationships are the ones in which yesterday’s fight doesn’t stop today’s communication.

The actress who made it public that she was in a serious relationship maybe grossly uncomfortable with her boo.

From what Juliet is posting on social media the unverified fracas rocking her relationship could be as a result of negligence and abandonment. But if it is,  then that guy has got a scrolled brain.  Who could let such a sister take a walk…just like that?

Hey bro. Plead I’m sorry and move on. Lol.. Crazy cramp..

Save a sister’s bleeding heart. Lol…it’s Surge Zirc Gossiper…unserious fellow.

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