Kenneth Okonkwo Turns Down Invitation For Public Lecture, Declares Enugu State…Failed Govt.

Kenneth Okonkwo Turns Down Invitation For Public Lecture, Declares Enugu State...Failed Govt. - Surge Zirc
Nollywood actor Kenneth Okonkwo/Photo credit: Instagram

Kenneth Okonkwo who had earlier made a broadcast in appreciation for an invitation to be a guest of honour at a public lecture on Youths and Governance scheduled for the 13th of July, 2018, has consciously turned down the invitation.

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 After some house following the acceptance of invitation broadcast on Instagram, the Nollywood big name, a lawyer and now an Enugu State gubernatorial aspirant revisited Instagram with another message, but this time – he rejected the invitation on the ground that it is targeted at promoting the activities of the failed government of the state.

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Kenneth Okonkwo”Great Lions and Lionesses, I want to use this opportunity to inform you that I will not be attending the public lecture on Youths and Governance scheduled for the 13th of July, 2018 as earlier broadcasted by me. Having looked through the speakers on that day, I am convinced that the event is intended to promote the activities of the failed government of Enugu State which I am working hard to change and replace. I cannot therefore lend my personality to be part of this. I believe that at a more opportune time in future, I will join you for a better and more productive get together.”

Surge Zirc had previously published Kenneth’s declaration to run for Enugu State governorship election, so he may not be disposed to carrying out activities that supports the current government of the state.

But comments from the youths faults the actors’s decision as follows..

splendidodinaka – ”I sincerely admire ur guts over a reigning government. But I’m disappointed in the fact that a young aspiring governor like u do not see any importance in a gathering that will be filled with youths of great competence and wisdom, if you feel the government has failed; tap opportunities like this and convert voters. Rather than talking about your personality which only is entertainment.”

sandraifechi”Sir, if you judge the state from afar, and give no avenue for us the enlightened ones to know your reasons, then we are all GUILTY for our backwardness. Come let’s join heads together, no matter the Party.”

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okafor3740 ”I Love u soo much my dear favorable Actor Kenneth Okonkwo but to be honest with you without expecting something in return because i need nothing,You must change a Political Platform because no Igbo or Enugu man is ready to vote för a cruel Party full of deceit like APC.And moreover People have already been seeing you as a saboteur.You are too Good and more lovable than this.I Think u should consider everything again.thanks”

bitcoin_chief”Its sad how you talk carelessly with your big mouth. How dare you call my state a failed state. I will use my Platform to fight against this your premature ambition. Useless people. Once you start getting involved in politics you start getting mad and lousy”

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