Kim Kardashian Gives Followers $1000 For Sharing Their Favorite Screenshots

Winning big is right here again. The reality show star Kim Kardashian has announced the giving out of a whooping sum of one thousand dollars ($1000) to 99 more of her followers for sharing their favorite screenshots.

Kim has also shaded light on how to win. Watch the video and play along…Come back to Surge Zirc and drop a comment under this post if you win.

kimkardashian ”Hey guys ! I have 2 exciting announcements ! We are giving 99 more of my followers up to $1000 for sharing their favorite screenshots !! Make sure to follow us on @screenshopit, to see the winners we will be announcing.

The best for last – to ALL my followers – that’s right, EVERYONE – we updated our checkout experience, and are giving EVERY person a $25 FREE Gift this month with their first purchase!!”

Surge It



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