Number Of Things Men Need In Relationships, But Won’t Mention

Ladies: Number Of Things Your Partner Needs But Won't Mention
Ladies: Number Of Things Your Partner Needs In Relationship, But Won’t Mention/Photo Credit: Whitsundayprofessionalcounselling

Most men expect certain things from their partners but will not ask because they think it’s natural for the woman to know. They will only keep them to heart and then be on the watch to see if she knows what to do at a giving time.

Yes! men have different characters; they are strong, often quiet about their feelings because it’s not in their nature to speak all the time.

These outlines goes to ladies who find difficulty in reading the minds of their partners.

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Those Things Men Expect Are:

Men Want Respect

This is the height of it all, respect a man and his love is yours. This is one of the pillars for every successful relationship. What does it mean to respect a guy? It’s very simple. Men need acknowledgment. Acknowledge their success, positivity’s and endeavors. When you acknowledge, support and love his efforts and accomplishments, he’s bound to be successful in life. Respecting your partner means the world to him and also put smile on his face.

They Like Pure Admiration

Admire whatever he does for the two of you. Let it be from your heart, i.e. TRUE” admiration, don’t fake it because they know when it is not real. Just be true about it, admire him for everything he does, for all the hard works he puts in for the two of you and he’ll be pleased more than ever, also men, do so in return.

Both Of You Are Companions

Companionship is the key because the bible says; ‘‘two cannot walk together except they agree”. Most men see no need in asking their partner to contribute in something important like; a huge business launch, a major event or in planning. She needs to be by your side whether you need her or not, give him the companionship he desires from you and you’ll get the same or more from him in return.

Encourage Him

Encourage him in love, it is empowering and keeps him striving for the best. There’s this saying that,’’ behind every successful man there’s a woman’’. It makes them to believe in themselves and realize their strengths. This goes a long way in making his weaknesses seem ”nonexistent’‘. Ladies, believe in your man and be in a better place with him.

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True Appreciation From The Heart

If there is one thing men and every other person like, it is appreciation, men adore and cherish it when it truly comes from the heart. Tell him a big thank you alongside smile whenever he does something ordinarily he couldn’t have done, if not for love just to ensure you’re happy. People hate ingratitude, because, it weakens the person’s effort. No matter how little, appreciate. This will cause him to do even more.

Give Him Some Space With His Friends [“guy time”]

At times give him time to hang out with his buddies; it is never out of place or something that’s out of the ordinary or shocking. It doesn’t mean that doesn’t love you any less by doing that. All guys have a code, and rust him not to do something stupid, be cool with it and this sort of independence also creates a whole new bond of trust that doesn’t just develop that easily. Just give him his “guy time”, okay?

Support Him Nonstop

Uplift his spirit with your support. Most men are where they are today because of the strong support from their partners. A man once said; ‘‘’I couldn’t be here without all of her endless support, and I never once had to ask for it, she always knew the right things to say and do to make me feel like I have all the power in the world to do whatever I want.’’

The credit will always go to you, and you will also be proud to hear him say all these to you. Some men lack self esteem and this could result to low productivity, but when you have a partner to boost you, you will come alive.

They Like To Be Recognized

Men love to be recognized as they play relevant roles, therefore commend their good works, even the one they are about doing. Recognize him whenever he plays different roles, whether as a son, brother, husband, father, and so on. Also men, do this to her in return.

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They Want To Be Desired

Men always feel wanted and as such love to be desired. They want their partner to be all over them, flirt with them as well, these keep the relationship lively. It is certain that,”any relationship void of romance is dead’‘ flatter him with praises, let him know how handsome he is, tell him how much you adore and love him and so on. All these boost their ego and self-confidence when they know how much they’re desired by the woman they love.

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