Ladies: Three Qualities That Can Get You a Man of Your Dream

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Most ladies have this ideology that as long as they are beautiful, it can get them any man of their dreams. But they forgot that if it has been working that way, all the beautiful ladies would have gotten married leaving behind the ugly ones.

Some ladies spent a lot of time beautifying their outward appearance [their skin, working on their boobs, making sure their buttocks are big, wearing expensive clothes and shoes etc] forgotten to work on their inner self which is the ”inner character” that tells  good of a woman. I am not disputing the fact that maintaining outside beauty is wrong, rather, it is not the top priority when it comes to getting a real man.

Men see beautiful ladies as being proud and that is why they don’t take those ladies serious in relationship because they are never submissive therefore disregarding men. Those type of ladies always have this notion that men will definitely come after them. Though from what some men do say, they said that why they’re always eager to marry a beautiful woman is for their children to look beautiful.

Nowadays it no longer business as usual, most men go for ugly or just good looking ladies and build them to their taste, though nobody is ugly except you don’t have money to beautify yourself.

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But here are 3 qualities that help you get the man of your dreams;

HUMILITY: This quality is so powerful because it started from Christ Jesus who after humbling Himself got lifted by His father. It really pays to be humble, whether you’re beautiful of not. Bring yourself low as a lady don’t be too proud, the bible condemns pride and says; ’Pride goes before a fall’’. Pride can never give you what you want in life except you decide to be humble.

RESPECT: Some ladies are so rude that you will be left in surprise at their awkward behavior. They lack proper nurturing and upbringing. Most men are in bondage today for not checking out these qualities before getting married probably because the lady is a working class and they ignored the basic thing which is the character. A lady with respect is a pride to her man and everybody tends to love her.

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DECENCY: It calls for integrity in all that you do as a lady. Be someone that can be trusted anytime any day. Be transparent and sincere in all you do. Avoid lies and fake life, it will take you far in a relationship that no man would want to let you go. Some ladies are wayward and can misbehave even in the public without minding. Some fight and quarrel in the market and don’t give a damn, it doesn’t tell well of a lady.

Follow these three qualities as a lady and watch out the magic on how well it can help you get your man.

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