Ladies:Ten Signs To Make You Know He’ll Soon Breakup

Ladies:Ten Signs To Make You Know He'll Soon Breakup
Ladies:Ten Signs To Make You Know He’ll Soon Breakup /Photo Credit: sheknows
Every matured adult wish to have a good relationship that will lead to marriage, but it’s quite unfortunate that breakups are on the rise, after one out of the two partners must have put in so much in building and nurturing a relationship that they wish will lead to marriage.

Breakup affects the ladies most and this make them have the fear of not taking any relationship seriously.It shouldn’t be because, all men are not the same also, it has to do with individual difference.

Meanwhile, ladies for you to know he’s not serious with you; these are the character to lookout for:

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He Doesn’t Like Being Seen With You 

When a guy’s in love with you, he flaunts you and ensures all of his friends and family know about you. He also likes both of you to meet regularly. It is as well of importance to him that they all like and make you a part of them. But if he avoids all these, and only takes you out to where probably, no one knows him, it means that, there’s something shady going on and also, every tendency that he’s seeing other ladies.

He Finds it Difficult Calling You

When he doesn’t call you often or at all mean he’s calling someone else, also he’s not interested in you and probably wants to have a fling. If love truly exists, each day without hearing her voice will throw you off balance

He’s Secretive

He should be open and share all his life with you, no secrets at all. By the time he scolds you each time you want to like, ask him some sensitive questions, he isn’t interested in you.

He Often Bails On You

A man the take you seriously should cherish every moment of your stay with him. He always creates adequate time for both of you. But when he often cancels a lot of plans with you by bailing at the last minute, it’s obvious he had someone else to meet who is more important.

Your Feelings Doesn’t Matter To Him

He’s should be sensitive about your mood, and take care whenever you feel bad, hurt or sad. He should also try his best possible to see you smile. But if all these don’t matter to him, he’s playing you for a fool!

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He Keeps Female Friends

Keeping female friends isn’t bad, but when the friendship is beginning to take a different shape, then there’s fire on the mountain. When he’s always on phone with number of ladies, and pay more attention to them than you, it is a clear sign that you have to find your way.

He Always Complains Unnecessarily

This is one of the common methods guy adopt to get any lady out of their way. When a guy starts complaining a lot and also holding unto unnecessary reasons, even When you’re looking your best he says you could look better, every effort you make seems to waste, and you end up getting hurt, you’re probably with a player!

He Keeps His Phone Away From You

If the guy you’re seeing is very weird about his phone, he sends texts often to people whenever you’re with him, or goes out to answer phone calls. It’s obvious he’s a cheat. Also, if he never shows you his phone no matter how you persuades him, even blame you for accusing him,  he’s not serious with you.

He’s Not Comfortable Revealing His Past

Hiding the past is never the best. That’s why is very important to have the in-depth knowledge of him before going in to relationship. To some, the past is a no go area which is not the best. Many guys lie a lot, and if he refuses to make his past glaring, take off!

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It’s Not All About Being Physical

It’s not advisable for a guy you’re seeing rush to intimacy and doesn’t care about your feeling. If what he only cares about is going to bed with you rather sit to discuss, then he’s not the right person. Physical intimacy is important in every relationship but it shouldn’t DEFINE it.  If  by any chance you decline to his rush,and  he throws a huge fit about it also blame you for everything, you’re with a player and you need to stop seeing him!




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