Legendary Singer Faze To Release A New Video After A Long While

Legendary Singer Faze To Release A New Video After A Long While
Faze/ photo credit: Instagram

Legendary singer Chibuzor Orji, popularly known as Faze has been relatively scarce in the music industry. He has stayed in a cold corner for a while now.

The former member of Plantazion boys and Originality crooner is most likely going to be making a huge appearance soon with the release of a hit track video.

Faze took to Instagram recently to make a post about what he is working on right now. He made it categorically clear that he’s shooting right about now.

Fazealone: “Love yourself. You should always love yourself no matter what people say or think of you cos they only respect what they see from the outside but you know your plan inside is what really matters most. WATCH OUT AM SHOOTING HOW MANY PEOPLE CAN DOUGH THE BULLETS.

Good enough, at least we know what he’s doing now and can’t wait to see what’s coming. Faze’s fans, where more than happy seeing this update as they’ve waited for a new drop from him for too long.

Where is ‘Black Face’? Surge Zirc gossiper asked so!

Looks like Tuface is the only member of the former Plantazion boys group who’s having it all on a smooth ground.

After the breakup of the Plantazion boys, The three: Tuface, Faze and Black face went solo successfully, but after a while, there was a shrink on the part of ‘Black face’ and ‘Faze’.

Now we’re glad hearing from ‘Faze’ and we look forward to hearing from ‘Black face’ soon .

Beat it:The Plantazion boys are part of the moulders of today’s Nigerian music industry. We rep them and we always do.

Welcome back ‘Faze’!

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