Beauty: How to Keep your lips moisturized this harmattan season



Glossed lips
Glossed lips/Photo Credit: Tarte Cosmetics
 Do you have your lip gloss handy?  Oh yea! this is harmattan season and what are you doing about your lips? What I mean is how do you prevent  it from cracking and as well peeling? Though this harmattan doesn’t affect everyone, only that some are naturally used to licking their lips on regular bases, both males and females.

It is good to lubricate your lips for it to look moist more especially as a lady because by ignoring your lips, it make you look unattractive and non lady like. Wearing cracked lips can give you a bad look like someone from the ‘‘SAHARA DESERT”. It can result to bleeding of the lips, and you know what that means? embarrassing of course. So it’s not what one should think twice before carrying it out. It is necessary.

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Katy Perry wants to get you purring by her new Katy Lip Gloss one among her makeup. This is similar to her lipsticks called Katy Kat Pearl and Matte Lipsticks. The glosses come in both conventional and unconventional shades. She has more of lip gloss types distinct from her lipsticks. They come in various colours of about 12 ranging from; Cobalt Kitty (an icy teal) to Tabby Tease (bright coral) to Pounce (lavender).

Katy Perry's Lip Gloss
The range of Katy Perry’s Lip Gloss/Photo Credit: allure

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So ladies and gents you can get one of these or any nice moisturizing type. Some go for Vaseline which is also good except that you may like to go for designers. For lip gloss? ”Abeg give me Vaseline there”lolsss. Anyway, what matters is just to moisture the lips and send the cracked lips on the run.


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