Lost In Attraction: Part One (1)

“Hello, where are you at? “We are driving down the road right away. “Alright keep coming, I’m waiting for you.” Jeff assures Nora over the phone. Twenty minutes later, there was a beep on Jeff’s mobile phone and a mild ringout tone of R.Kelly’s – ‘if I could turn back the hands of time’ track. Jeff without wasting more ado reached out for the phone;

“Where are you right now? “Beside the metropolitan market, I’ll be right there in a jiffy” Nora replied.

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Jeff looking very simple in a seemingly chieftain shirt and a fitted pant in a pair of Zara flat slippers, hit the road in order to meet Nora. Some two kilometers away from Nora, Jeff sighted a navy blue 98 model Toyota Corolla car parked by the metropolitan market in Novela Avenue. Nora must have gazed at Jeff and suspected him to be the dude on phone all the while, since they had met just once before Nora went for a compulsory National service course.

As Jeff approached, Nora who was already out of the car, looked better in the sight of Jeff and there was a quick judgmental admiration running through Jeff’s mind.

“Good morning sir” Nora said.

“Good morning to you, Nora. Jeff responded rather aptly, admiring her red succulent lips fitted on a well shaped oval face.

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“Sir, I can quickly do an online bank transfer as I couldn’t make withdrawal.”

Nora was supposed to hand over some cash to Jeff for a transaction that have been agreed on but banks had network issues and Nora decided to reach Jeff so she could get Jeff’s account details and do an online transfer.

None of these actually mattered to Jeff who was lost in thoughts at that point in time. For Jeff, the transaction was a compulsory one and will certainly be done, ‘but, can anyone help me inform this babe that she’s not just consciously beautiful, but unavoidably attractive?’ he thought to himself.

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Jeff had earlier concluded employment agreement with Nora and so would be her next boss. Professionals vehemently kick against a boss having an affair with his female employee(s) and this continued to re-echo in his head.

‘What! But why can’t a boss swim in a pool of romance with a female employee, especially when she’s such that her beauty leaves you with no choice but to feel you’re right in her already.’

“Meet my sister.”Nora suggested to Jeff, and they both walked to where the car was parked.


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