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It’s no longer news that the Iranian Everton owner Farhard Moshri accused Manchester United striker Romelu Lukaku of being into African voodoo after he (Lukaku) turned down his offer and opted to join Chelsea instead.

The pained Everton owner insisted that the Manchester United striker “called his mother” before he came out in the open and said he had received a message telling him to rather join Chelsea.

Moshiri told shareholders on Tuesday that Lukaku received the message from “a pilgrimage to Africa” that instigated his move to turn down Everton’s huge offer for that of Chelsea.

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The player’s representative however, debunked Moshiri’s claims as he told BBC sports that “Lukaku’s decision had nothing to do with voodoo.” He pushed further by saying “Lukaku is very Catholic and voodoo is not a part of his life or beliefs.”

“He distances himself from these beliefs and this statement and will now see what judicial steps can be taken in relation to them.”

He went further to tell the reporters that Lukaku had no faith in Everton and no confidence in Mr Moshiri’s project and that was the reason behind the rejected offer. “He wanted to make the next step in his career and wanted the security to be able to leave” – said the representative.

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Following the statement made by the representative, it is quite revealing that the player may likely file a law suit against Moshiri on his attempt of deforming his character and person by linking him to African voodoo.

Should this happen, what do you think will come out of this?

Is Lukaku right to sue Moshiri?

Do you think Lukaku is a little overreacting for wanting to take judicial steps against Moshiri?

Do you think that Moshiri probably is saying the truth about the Manchester United striker?


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