Miami Open: ‘Shut Your Fuck Up’ Medvedev Yells At Tsitsipas

The Miami Open is making the headlines once again, this time as a result of a great tennis match, followed by a one-sided shouting match.

According to, The said exchange took place after Russian star Danil Medvedev defeated Greek youngster Stefanos Tsitsipas, which, as the match progressed, seemed to be heating up.

It started when Tsitsipas took an emergency toilet break and continued when his shot hit the net (a “let” in tennis speak) and he didn’t apologize for it (one of those unwritten rules of tennis).

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Then, Medvedev appeared to be taking offence to something Tsitsipas said at the post-match handshake.

Medvedev had to be held back by tennis officials at the Miami Open when the war of words with Tsitsipas threatened to escalate.

“Man you better shut your ‘f— up ok?” Medvedev said, looking in Tsitsipas’ direction.

The umpire immediately spotted the troubling situation developing and repeatedly tried to calm down Medvedev, but the Russian got up to confront the 19-year-old, heading his way after leaving his own seating area.

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“You go in emergency toilet for five minutes, you hit a let and don’t say sorry, you think you are a good kid? ‘Look at me, look at me huh! You don’t look at me?” he yelled.

“He started it. He said ‘bull—- Russian’, you think this is normal?”

Clearly he’s been watching the likes of Nick Kyrgios.

Tsitsipas did not seem to be taking notice, but had he done so, the result would probably have been a bloody fist fight, no doubt.

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Instead, he just packed his things and exited the court with no more words.

Officials eventually succeeded in calming Medvedev down, and he then made his way out as well.

Now, Medvedev needs to refocus, in order to continue advancing in the tournament.


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